Put Your Internet Marketing on Autopilot and $ave!

If you don’t have the time or resources to create new content for your website and social media platforms, we do!

Your website needs fresh content with relevant keywords to thrive. Would you like to give your competitors a run for the money? Adding new and engaging content to your site regularly will keep the search engines coming back to re-index your pages.

What kind of website content is perfect for regular updating? Consider a blog. Actively blogging is highly effective for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and we have plenty of experience writing blog content.

marketing subscription serviceTo be competitive online, your Digital Marketing efforts should be ongoing, extending beyond your website.

A website may be your home base on the Internet, but it’s a single star shining in a universe full of sparkly stars. Increase your chances of being found by being actively present where people are spending their time online — on social media platforms. Social Media should be populated on an ongoing basis to keep your brand top-of -mind, which makes the management of it perfectly suited for a monthly service arrangement.

Innovast Digital Marketing offers Digital Marketing and Website Maintenance Services on a subscription basis. We dedicate a bank of marketing hours per month to promote your brand online. You’re not limited to services mentioned above — website updates, blog writing and social media management — but those are typical examples of what we do for clients on a subscription basis.

Advantages to our Subscription Marketing Services

  • Get multiple services for the price of one
  • Predictable Costs to Fit within Your Budget
  • Save on our Hourly Rate
  • Priority Turn-Around
  • Ongoing Marketing Efforts to Boost Visibility for Your Brand

The flat rate makes costs predictable on your end and guarantees ongoing exposure for your business. For us, knowing that you’re a regular client, allows us to give you a beak on our normal hourly rate. It saves you money. And since we can count on continuous work with you, we really get to know your business and your clientele even better, making our content strategies and messaging even more effective.

Be First in Line!

Innovast Digital Marketing offers priority turn-around time to our clients on monthly subscription plans for Webmaster by Subscription and/or Digital Marketing Services. That means, if you call us to make a change on your website or you want to make a big announcement with an email blast, your needs are immediately addressed.