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Hashtags on Facebook?

Should you use hashtags on Facebook? As of May 2020, yes! By clicking on a hashtag or searching for a hashtag, you will find posts from other users and businesses that have also embedded that hashtag into their posts. Facebook’s algorithm first shows you results from your friends who have used the hashtag, followed by friends of friends, and then will finally show you all users based on recency of posting and how likely you would be to interact with the post.

Tips for Entrepreneurs to Turn Failure Into Opportunity

There’s one universal truth that applies to everyone in business: You have to be willing to take risks to succeed. Of course, taking risks sometimes results in failure, and it may even mean your business doesn’t pan out like you had planned. When that happens and you close up shop, you will surely face some struggles, but you also have an opportunity before you.

How to Increase Sales with Social Media

Are you a Farmer or a Hunter? How do most sales leads come into your business? Do you cultivate and nurture relationships with a long-term lead generation process, or do you chase new business through prospecting with sales visits and cold calling? People are naturally spending time on social media channels, so using social media …

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Marketing Your Seasonal Business Online

If you have a business that is seasonal, take advantage of your off-season to build top-of-mind awareness among potential customers while your competitors are taking it easy. Top-of-mind awareness means that when the time does come for a customer to choose a provider, they are far more likely to choose the business that has been delivering value year-round, rather than the one who shows up only when it’s time to make a sale.

Collective Knowledge, Collective Strength

As a mom and a business owner, my days are jam-packed. I’m always incredibly busy! Looking at the bigger picture, it’s important for me to evaluate how I am spending my time. Are there lessor responsibilities I might be able to pass on so that my time is spent on efforts that will result in maximum …

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Nurture Business Relationships with Social Media

Are you someone who frequently shows up at area networking events in search of new business? You\’re likely there with a purpose – to make new connections and hand out your business cards. Your hope is for further communication at some point.[dt_gap height=\”15\” /] Why not take it a step further to nurture those business relationships? After …

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