If you are currently involved in a Web Development project with another firm and struggling, consider the Project Management services of Innovast to help move things along. We provide project management for clients and Web Developers alike.

A company in need of a new website or a redesign will go to a Web Developer. The design approach is determined and the project is underway. Everything progresses smoothly until a certain point — here’s where we come to the rescue!

As a client, you could use the services of someone to help organize concepts and ideas into a working website.

When it comes to content, you may have outdated website pages that should be brought up-to-date. You may need new sections researched and written. Your staff is busy enough with their regular day-to-day responsibilities. We work to facilitate communication, assist with preparation of content (write and/or edit page copy, find suitable images and prepare them to properly fit into pages graphically and download quickly. Of course, we also ensure the content is populated with suitable keywords and pages are optimized for SEO. If photos need to be taken, we’ll find the perfect photographer or videographer for your project — provide direction and oversee the entire process.

If the project involves eCommerce, we advise on features and formats, coordinate product photography, and write SEO optimized product descriptions.

Ideally, involve Innovast Digital Marketing from the onset. We’ll provide a Project Manager to ensure clients are prepared and organized with page content, and we’ll keep projects moving forward. Our founder, Karen Etchells, has served on hundreds of projects as a liaison who understands techno-speak from the developer side, but also clearly communicates issues and requirements to the client.

As the project nears completion, Karen is available to train users on the Content Management System so they will be able to confidently process website updates going forward. She have experience and fluency with various platforms, from WordPress to .NET custom environments, to Joomla, and Dot Net Nuke (DNN software).

Find out how we can help you with your digital marketing project.