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Social Media Marketing: Are You Doing It All Wrong?

4 Ways to Better Engage Followers and Expand Your Reach

Have you been putting time and energy into creating social media posts only to get low engagement or even a decrease in followers? The approach you are taking to social media marketing may be completely skewed!

To better understand your audience, think about what you like to see when you are scrolling through your personal social media feeds. We like things that add value to our everyday lives, things that make us smile, things that inspire us, and things that make us think. By crafting content to reflect these four tactics, you\’ll surely see an increase of engagement on your posts!


If you had no idea what you were buying, what questions would you ask? This is a great approach to take when creating social media content designed to educate your customers or clients. Not only does teaching others lend to your credibility as a business, but it also supports the consumer in making critical decisions that impact your profits. If the answer to such questions are common sense and not industry-specific, you may want to focus your time more on content that answers  specific questions related to niche services you provide. 


People love to chat, and social media platforms have made it increasingly simple to do so. By sharing photos and videos with captions that encourage others to share their own experiences and content, you are building stronger relationships with the consumer. Put your brand forward and start thinking of some stories and posts that you might be likely to like, comment on, or even send a DM to the original poster!


At the end of a long day, we love to sit back, relax, and take a scroll on our favorite social media account to unwind. When you aren’t in the mood to be sold to, not much can change that. Rather than focusing on product and service sales, focus some of your content on selling your brand and making people smile. Whether you post funny content, heartwarming content, trending content, or maybe even suspenseful content that keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat, it is important to put your own personal spin into it. 


Inspiring followers is easier said than done, but doing so is an effective way to market on social media channels. A prominent method of inspiration is to drive others to take action through the media you share along with captions. Inspiring is a unique tactic because you can use education, engagement, and entertainment to inspire and call viewers to action. What lifestyle are you promoting? What do you need to hear today? What isn’t being said enough that you think is an important message? These are great questions to ask when looking to inspire.

Bonus Tips!

  • Create engaging and exciting content with the following methods.
    • Tutorials
    • Lists
    • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Incorporate user-generated content into your strategy
  • Don’t be too salesy – find unique approaches to social media posting!

Now that you have some tips on how to diversify your content marketing strategy on social media, get out there and share start posting! If you are in need of assistance when it comes to creating content for social media channels, consider working with a professional to create posts and implement an effective digital marketing strategy. Contact Innovast Digital Marketing! We would be happy to discuss the ways that we can hone in on your brand and build your social media engagement! Call (860) 634-3836 or book an appointment with Karen Etchells online at

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