Web Design & Usability

If your web design is not responsive (mobile-friendly) or outdated or maybe you’re ready to launch a brand new website, let us help you do it right. At Innovast, we research your competition, create content that will resonate with your target market, and implement effective calls-to-action that will generate leads!

To be successful, your website should reflect the level of your expertise, the quality of your services, and the professionalism of your organization. This will likely be your first contact point with potential new customers, so a positive user experience is important. We apply high standards to our work to present your image in its best light.

Our Process

We meet with you initially to learn about your business and your customers. We spend the time getting to know you and your business. Together, we’ll define the following:

  • What are your marketing objectives for this project?
  • Who is your audience and what are their expectations?
  • What message are you trying to convey?
  • Who is your competition and what makes you different?

We work to achieve a thorough understanding of your place in the market and your business needs and make recommendations as to how to best achieve your goals. As your marketing team, we help you make strategic decisions and determine how your Web presence fits within your overall marketing strategy.



Once your website features and content areas are determined, we organize the presentation of information. For a brand new site, we’ll frequently use a flowchart. This serves as a working document — the first step in building the framework of your website’s architecture.

Design Worksheet

We create preliminary design elements for the user interface. To target the look and feel you are envisioning, we use a design worksheet which helps you to clearly communicate your thoughts and ideas about how your business website should look. We’ll then post the initial layout approach online to a private web address for review. Based upon your feedback, we work back and forth in this manner until the design meets your satisfaction.


Development of your site begins and progress is regularly posted online for your review. We look for your input immediately if questions arise. You play an important part in finalizing the design, and we want you to be pleased with the results. Your feedback is encouraged.


Once the site development is complete, we publish the site files and enable any interactive elements. At this point, we will thoroughly QA the website, and test and re-test it for proper display and functionality on various computers, smartphones and tablets and on multiple versions of both current and older browsers.

Search Engine Registration

Promotional efforts are integrated in your web design project from the onset. We carefully choose specific wording within your page titles and include META tags in your coding to assist in improving your ranking on search engines. Our basic services include registration with top search engines.

Find out how we can help you with your digital marketing project.