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What is Branding?

Branding is your who, what, why, when, and how. It defines what you sell, who needs your product or service, why there is a market for it, when and where they need it, and how you should speak to them to make an impact.

In this era of online businesses and social media, you need to position your brand as a trusted resource in order to build an audience.

The goal is to gain clarity and focus on the current state of your brand, what to say, to whom and why.

The connections you create will build a steady stream of qualified leads willing and ready to pay a premium for your insights and services.

Why waste money on marketing that does not connect? Get a higher return on your marketing investments. 

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The Process

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Define: Identity & Voice

Branding conveys the personality of your business. It’s essential that you take the time to define it and come up with an authentic sense of why your business exists. 

Your logo, colors, and fonts should clearly encapsulate your unique brand personality.

The personality your brand projects to the world must run consistently through all communications (social media, website, and blog posts) no matter which teams are handling them.

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Design: Making the Right Choices

It is important for a brand to have an identity that speaks to the vibe of its target audience and is visually consistent with its values.

Colors, fonts, and other design elements can communicate sophistication or simplicity, so it’s important to distinguish the nuances behind options when deciding on design elements to represent your brand.

Our creative team will advise on the psychology of color, symbolism, and the implications of chosen words in taglines.

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Distinction: Sharing Your Story

With a firm understanding of your brand’s values and what it stands for, knowing how to best position your brand for marketing and sales is crystal clear. This is especially evident in storytelling.

Storytelling has been used for centuries to bring together people with similar interests, and now it can be your main tool to differentiate your brand and connect with customers too! Brand storytelling uses a narrative to link your brand to relatable experiences that keep your brand top of mind!

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If you are leading a growing business, you need an online presence that instantly attracts the attention of your ideal audience. We are a team of creative professionals with the technical know-how to make it happen. 

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