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Social Media Management Services work to build interest and increase recognition for your products and services, extending your brand’s reach to a far wider audience.

If your brand is not actively engaging with followers on Social Media, you’re missing out on opportunities to raise awareness and attract new clients.


Professionals and brands alike must stay on top of their social media presence to deliver an integrated, cohesive experience. Our team of social media experts will curate content that educates your audience and reinforces your brand messaging. Instead of simply encouraging you to post as much as you can, you’ll get a cohesive social media strategy, defining exactly what should be posted and where in order to reach your target audience, drive traffic to your website, and improve your overall brand expertise.


Consistent social media marketing is a key method of generating inbound leads. Professional social media management services combine strategic planning, content creation, audience engagement, targeted advertising, and analytics to generate leads and increase sales. Our experienced team ensures that your brand is effectively presented, engages with the right audience, and converts leads into loyal customers, thereby driving business growth.

Ready to boost your social media game? Share your story, leverage expertise, and make a positive impact! Schedule a call today with Karen Etchells, our leading social media strategist, and take the first step towards success. 

Our Social Media Management services address the following:

Social Media Monitoring

Our social media management team will monitor your social media accounts, and report and respond to communication with comments, messages, and interactions. We watch for any mentions of your business name online to activate an appropriate response in a timely manner.

Social Media Posting

Your social media pages will be kept up-to-date with fresh and engaging content on an ongoing basis to keep followers interested and coming back. These efforts also give search engines more information related to your business, which expands your company’s presence in search results.

Analytics & Reporting

We use analytics and the data reports to gauge which social platforms are most effective for your brand.

Cross Promoting

We’ll help build your following by promoting your business to appropriate niche groups found across social media networks.

Audience Discovery

Innovast Digital Marketing will identify and attract potential new audiences for your brand. We follow and interact with target customers who are actively participating on Social Platforms to pinpoint synergies. We engage on your behalf to broaden your brand exposure.

Social Media Updates

Social media is constantly evolving, and it’s important to stay up-to-date on what’s happening. Our social media management specialists will give you guidance to make sure you know the latest news from the social media world and how it effects your business.

social media marketing society member

As a member of the Social Media Marketing Society since 2020, Karen Etchells of Innovast Digital Marketing is keeping up with the latest news, trends, and social media marketing strategies.


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