business Introduction Video for Websites
Consumption of Online Video
is Greater Now than Ever Before!

Small business owners strive to differentiate themselves and expand their reach on the web to reach new audiences. Personalize your message with video clips of you and your staff at work. Talk about why your business started and what you do differently. From producing a polished and edited video promo that can be featured on your website and social media channels to short, timely Facebook Live interviews, we can work with you to create a strategy for your brand to stand out with video marketing.

Think out of the box! We can mix still images with video clips and provide voiceovers. The approach will be personal and uniquely yours. Your finished video will be formatted to load quickly on your business website and social media platforms. Being authentic in nature, this will give your company a true competitive edge.

The Historic Lathrop-Matthewson-Ross House Video Tour from Innovast Digital Marketing on Vimeo.


Specializing in video production for the web, we offer on-site location video shoots for small businesses seeking to improve their company position online.