Keeping your social media management in-house? If you have available staffing, this option makes sense, as who knows your products and services better than those who keep it going day-to-day and work behind the scenes.

Employees can be your strongest brand ambassadors. However, you’ll want to ensure that what they publish online is consistent with your brand’s marketing and company values. You should have Social Media Guidelines in place so employees are clear about boundaries for what is acceptable to post when it comes to humor and confidential subject matter.

Our Approach

Innovast Digital Marketing offers Training Sessions to Motivate and Excite your Staff!

We cover:


  • Customized content and handouts
  • Face to face or virtual sessions
  • Curriculum, surveys & testing
  • Executive coaching
  • Employee advocacy programs
  • Brand Ambassador / Influencer marketing

Do you need to get your team up and running with social media?

We can help you to create acceptable social media policies and guidelines for your company or organization. Social posting can increase brand exposure, but employees must be careful with what is said and how they say it, not divulging new products and features or confidential information. This document should be familiar not only to your marketing team, but every employee within your organization.

Additional topics include:

  • Speaking in a consistent voice
  • Clear cut guidelines regarding what cannot be shared and how the company communicates
  • Policies on photos and video taken on the company’s premises
  • Supporting your sales team by leveraging social media platforms for networking and relationship building

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