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5 Ways to Outshine Competitors Online

What does it take to truly stand out and get noticed amid all the distractions and calls for attention on the Internet? While every business person knows they should have a website and maintain an active presence on social media, do you know what it takes to step it up a notch and rise above the noise?

If your primary goal is to generate more interest in what you have to offer and carry more influence over the competition, the following tips will help you to better achieve that.

  • SEO. If you have the resources, implementing search engine optimization practices on your website, blog, and social platforms will give your brand a big boost in being found online.
  • Be genuine. With all of your publishing efforts, keep in mind that people are put off by a hard sell. Be generous with sharing good information without being pushy.
  • Do it differently. Communicate the benefits of your product or service through creative combinations of words, images, and video. Taking a different approach designed to spark interest and invite feedback can be an effective method of engaging your audience.
  • Be ever-present. Make efforts to remain top-of-mind. Being seen multiple times will reignite interest. This is how ad retargeting works. Have you clicked on an ad for a product, not immediately followed through with a purchase, but then you see ads for that item follow you around everywhere you go online? The point is to remind your prospect of their interest in what you’re offering. Besides retargeting, you can publish content organically by updating your blog, using various social platforms, encouraging your past customers to post positive reviews, and email marketing. You\’ll want to find the right balance of frequency in ongoing exposure and communication without being annoying.
  • Don’t overlook details. Small efforts combined add up to make a big difference. Be thorough in covering all of the bases — having completed profiles on social platforms, ensuring all mentions of your business outside of your own website and social presences are displaying up-to-date and accurate information, using an email address that reflects your domain name, and having an email signature that reinforces following your brand on social media are examples of areas that are often overlooked but can deliver huge paybacks.

Doing business through online avenues is highly competitive. Making efforts to plan out a digital strategy in advance will better position your brand for long-term success.

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