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A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketer


Ever wonder just what a Digital Marketer does in a typical day?



I launched Innovast Digital Marketing in January of 2016 with a deep desire to work closely with small business owners and solopreneurs to help them gain more visibility online. I build recognition for my clients through consistent content marketing on their website and outside websites. My method is to attract and engage greater numbers of followers on the web and naturally enhance the \’know – like – trust\’ factor to encourage follow-through. It\’s the perfect niche for me, as I\’ve come from 21 years of working in web development, online marketing, graphic design, and of course, writing and editing content.

As a Content Creator, I am also ever-consuming it. Many who come to me for guidance ask if I\’ve heard of Gary Vaynerchuk. If you\’re in the business, you\’ve most certainly heard of him. Gary is an entrepreneur who ventured online in the early days of the web to carry his family\’s wine business to new heights. He is now better known for his work in digital marketing and social media. He\’s widely recognized as a serial entrepreneur and internet personality who has made himself into a brand. His #1 piece of advice when it comes to creating content designed to stand out on the web is to document. No matter if through written words, photography, video, or audio recordings, it\’s the best way to capture moments of a journey.

Documenting everyday activities as an entrepreneur and a business owner might sound mundane and uninteresting. But, as simple as it seems, people relate to other people. We\’re all human. We all face challenges, experience triumphs and letdowns, and we all have stories to tell. Everyone loves a great story, assuming it\’s told in a way that holds attention. What\’s even more valuable is a story that gives the audience reason to think a little further into the topic.

So here\’s my way of sharing what I do in written form today. Although, it could be a peek into my life as a Digital Marketer on any typical day.

Here\’s my Monday:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

  • I received a text from someone associated with a nonprofit I\’ve worked with in the past, asking if a hosting bill they received is accurate.
  • I wrote and published this blog post. And I created the graphic to accompany this blog post.
  • Completed and returned a W-9 form to get paid by a company for which I provided consultation services a month ago.
  • Received notification that a website domain was down. Followed up with the owner and advised.
  • Brought a newly acquired Social Media Management client through the Facebook verification process. That will allow their business to be more readily discovered on that platform and viewed by more users.
  • Edited page content (marketing copy) for a website set to launch this week.
  • Set up an appointment for a video interview.
  • Wrote up and sent out a proposal to provide Social Media Management for a local furniture store.
  • Returned a phone call to an Attorney who would like me to redesign his website and move it to a new host.

Some of this work involves strategizing and creative thinking, which is why many are drawn to it. On the other hand, there\’s research and detective work involved. Why did that non-profit receive an invoice from an unfamiliar host? Did another client overlook renewal of a domain name? Or was it something else? How can we be sure we\’ve maximized opportunities for the greatest exposure for all of our social media clients? Keeping up with changes and trends in the digital marketplace is critical. Sometimes I\’m problem-solving. Other times, I\’m reaching to achieve a vision. And then again, I\’m a customer service professional, keeping my clients happy with responsive service.

Every day offers a new set of challenges. Perhaps if you\’re a small business owner who\’s too busy juggling daily responsibilities to take charge of your own marketing efforts, gaining insight into what a local Digital Marketer actually does might be of interest? It could give you a better understanding of how a Digital Marketer can help to bring your business to the next level. Or, better yet, documenting my daily tasks could provide the necessary clarity to recognize the value of having me as a Digital Marketer on your team![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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