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How to Work with a Social Media Management Company

It’s essential for a small business to have a prominent presence on social media channels. Being active on social platforms will raise awareness of your product or service in an environment where your customers are already spending their time. With the right approach, active participation on social media will reinforce branding, create “buzz” for what…

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Top 5 Tips for Digital Marketing in 2018

Digital Marketing is ever-changing with the widespread use of smartphones and huge demand for video-on-the-go. Users are craving personalized and readily digestible content on topics important to them. Understanding current trends in media consumption on the web can give your business a competitive edge.   Content Marketing — On your website, social media platforms, and email…

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Is the Facebook Algorithm Change Quieting Businesses?

The Facebook algorithm change has those who manage business pages wondering… One thing that always holds true in the field of Internet Marketing is that the landscape is always changing. It’s not uncommon that the best ways to reach an audience online today can be totally different six months from now. Facebook made an announcement…


How Important Are Likes?

With every post published on social platforms, we watch for a response. How many people will “like” what we posted? Naturally, positive feedback provides instant gratification. As a business owner who uses Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for Social Media Marketing, it’s important to understand the value of a “like.” An interesting thing to note is that…

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Grow Your Business on the Web with Marketing Consulting Services

Have you ever considered hiring a marketing consultant? Are you an entrepreneur with a small business who handles your own marketing online? You probably have a website and post every now and then on Facebook, right? Are there strategies you’ve read about or thought about trying to grow your business online, but just haven’t had the time to explore…

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Karen Etchells Invited to Participate in GoDaddy’s Pro Summit

Did you know that GoDaddy provides a directory of freelance and agency web designers and developers you can connect with to work on your website? They do, and Innovast Digital Marketing has been selected to participate in the program.     In the US, approximately 60% of website owners hire a professional to design and…

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Do You Have a Social Media Strategy?

Social media offers powerful platforms for small businesses to have a voice. Using best practices, social media provides a venue for establishing trust and nurturing one-to-one relationships. The playing field is leveled. Small business can truly have an advantage by being more personal and transparent in a way big business cannot. Big businesses often struggle…

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Tips to Get Fans & Followers on Your New Facebook Business Page

Here are three simple strategies to help build a following on your Facebook Business Page. #1.) Invite your personal Facebook friends to follow your business page. See the screenshot below. This option can be found on the right side column of your Facebook business profile page, below your call-to-action button. After you’ve done that, perhaps…

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The Power of Personal Connection

Most business owners realize that publishing worthwhile content through blogging, email marketing, and engaging on social media platforms is an effective strategy to keep your brand top-of-mind. You’re taking steps to reach and connect with customers where they’re already spending time – on their smartphones, tablets and laptops. With so many businesses actively competing for…