Video Blogging — A Marketing Strategy

Consumption of online video is at an all-time high. With everyone carrying a smartphone in their pocket, there’s an ever-increasing volume of users connected to the Internet at any given moment – even on the go! With that in mind, realize that the most effective strategy for your website pages to obtain top placement in […]

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Skillful Communication = More Sales

Communication. The more skillful we are with it, the better we’re able to share concepts and ideas that strengthen our connections and better enable us to pass along information. For those in business, growth is dependent on sales. Sales depend on being able to effectively convey the reasons why a product or service being offered will

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Blogging? Don’t expect overnight success.

Is it realistic to expect immediate results from blogging? Recently, in my work with a professional organization whose objective is to increase member engagement, we decided to take advantage of pre-existing tools that were already available as part of the organization’s Website Content Management System. We activated the Blog. The first challenge was to get

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