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Do You Have a Social Media Strategy?

Social media offers powerful platforms for small businesses to have a voice. Using best practices, social media provides a venue for establishing trust and nurturing one-to-one relationships. The playing field is leveled. Small business can truly have an advantage by being more personal and transparent in a way big business cannot. Big businesses often struggle with authenticity on social platforms. With so many personalities on a marketing team, it can be a challenge for them to speak in a consistent voice. It’s more easily done when you’re smaller!


Setting Goals

To make the most of social platforms, clearly define your audience and set goals. The overall strategy should be to drive people back to your website where you can expose them to broader offerings and initiate action. For example, you can invite website visitors to sign up for helpful tips, and in the process, request permission to add them to your email list.


Making Connections

The magic of engaging in social media is that the platforms provide venues for two-way communication. On the business side, you’re not there just to publish but listen to the voice of the customer as well. Open comments and online reviews provide valuable insight into the mind of the customer, giving businesses a true handle on how they are perceived. By publicly responding to the needs of customers, you’re nurturing long-term customer relationships.


Social media platforms are moving streams of information.

Track results over time to verify that your efforts are working. If you’re not seeing increases in views, engagement, or click-throughs, change the way you do things — offer greater value, try a new approach, increase frequency, or experiment with other platforms.

Repurpose content. Drive people back to blog posts or special reports you’ve previously shared. Content may have been missed when first posted, so give it another chance. Don’t be afraid to post updates more than once at various times.

The growth in social media usage can be attributed to the appeal of two-way conversations over one-way marketing messages coming from faceless corporations.

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