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Find Your Calling Karen as a child

Find Your Calling – How I Found Mine

Growing up, I was often labeled as “the quiet one,” a thoughtful observer with a passion for writing. The dream of becoming a writer fueled my early aspirations, back in the days when the internet was yet to become an integral part of our lives.

High school introduced me to the Communications Magnet Program, a pivotal chapter in shaping my professional aspirations. However, being an introvert posed challenges in a field that demanded stepping into the spotlight. College brought its own set of trials, including a nerve-wracking public speaking class that left my hands trembling.

Despite these challenges, I pursued a major in Journalism. Yet, my hesitation to approach strangers for interviews held me back from fully immersing myself in the opportunities around me. This led to a 10-year stint as a letter carrier for the USPS – a form of communication that felt less than fulfilling.

The turning point arrived with the advent of computers in households. Intrigued by the possibilities, I enrolled in an evening computer class, setting the stage for a transformative journey. Late-night classes and juggling homework assignments between delivering mail paved the way for my enrollment in RISD‘s Computer Graphics certificate program.

It was during a Web Design class at RISD that I uncovered my true calling. The internet became my canvas, and I embraced the world of web design with newfound passion.

Find Your Calling Karen as a child
Karen "The Quiet One"
find your calling -karen etchells public speaking
Karen as a Public Speaker

But the story doesn’t end there. A crucial chapter in my journey involved stepping out of my shell. Recognizing the need to sell my services and establish a presence, I partnered with experienced business mentor. His wisdom and encouragement empowered me to attend Toastmasters and networking events, overcoming the initial discomfort.

Today, everything is different. I’ve found my voice. I am well-respected, and people are eager to hear what I have to share to help them grow their businesses. Networking events are no longer daunting but rather opportunities to connect and collaborate.

So, I pose the question to you: are you following your calling? Or are you still saying, “someday”? Life is a journey, and sometimes the most fulfilling paths reveal themselves when we least expect it. Don’t be afraid to explore and embrace your true passions.