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Fishing for Business: Social Media Strategy Explained

Engaging in blogging and social media to grow your business is a lot like fishing. At Innovast Digital Marketing, we know the right kind of bait and the best equipment to use. We test the waters to find a good spot. If one approach doesn\’t work well, we make adjustments, maybe shift directions. We provide guidance and expertise based on experience and projections. There\’s no guarantee that we\’ll always catch a high volume of fish, but we will make conditions right so that it will be far more likely to happen.

Not all fish who swim by are big enough to bite what\’s on your hook.

\"fishingAnd so it goes, not every prospect is ready to move forward when they are first introduced to your product or service. With content marketing, you engage in a process of putting out information that is of value to your audience. The objective is to inform, inspire, educate or entertain. In the process of delivering value, you are nurturing relationships. Your audience becomes conditioned to seeing your content, and they\’ll look forward to seeing more.

Don\’t give up! Consistency builds momentum. 

This is all part of the sales funnel process. We don\’t know precisely when a prospect will be ready to buy. But if you give up too soon, you\’ll be absent from the media where your audience is spending time, and no one will think to call you.

When engaging in blogging and social media efforts, many of the contacts we attract now are like fish that are too small to keep, so you\’ll want to throw little niblets their way in the hopes that they\’ll keep coming around. One day, those fish will be big enough to take a bite at your bait.

When it happens that someone among your followers has an active need for your offerings, you\’ll want to be top-of-mind. This is achieved by sharing your expertise and demonstrating your capabilities over time via a steady stream of helpful tips, case studies, testimonials, how-to video, and more! In absorbing your content, your target customer becomes better acquainted with your offerings and gains a sense of trust, so they\’ll be far more likely to initiate contact. When that has occurred, you\’ll have a viable prospect. Be responsive. The fish is on your hook and all you need to do is reel it in.

That\’s the basic premise of how social media marketing works, and it\’s a winning way to build a following and increase sales! Actively seek and foster relationships, and you\’ll find success in the long run.


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