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Google Will Not Call Your Business

Have you ever received a phone call about your Google business listing?

It\’s not Google calling. You do not have a “Google Rep.”  Google does not cold call to solicit business.



If you receive an unexpected call out of nowhere warning that your Google listing is “scheduled for deletion” or “flagged for removal,” don’t be alarmed. Simply hang up.

These calls are scams. Google does not charge a fee for your business to be listed, they won’t promise to improve your ranking for a fee, and they won’t ask for your password.

If you’ve already received a phone call like this, thinking it was real, or perhaps you’ve made payment in response to one of these calls, you can stop it now.


To remove an unwanted listing manager from having access to your google account, go here:


If you are not signed into Google, you will need to sign in.

Once that step has been completed, be sure to call your credit card company to have any recurring billing for that service stopped immediately.

There’s really no way to stop these calls. If you listen to a robocall giving you the option to press a button to be removed from the list, it doesn’t work. You will continue to get phone calls. If you block the number, it doesn’t matter. The calls come from a different number every time.


Here is a link to known Google scams.


You can update your Google My Business listing without help anytime. If you are unsure or have questions about your Google Business listing, why it’s an important, or how to do it properly, it can be helpful to consult with a local professional – someone you know, like, and trust.



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