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Do You Know How to Use TikTok for Business?

Calling all Business owners!! Have you heard of TikTok? Do you know how to use TikTok for business? TikTok is a worldwide social platform where people make short videos to educate and entertain others. This app is known for being one of the most popular Social Media channels in the world, with 2.6 billion downloads in early January of 2021. You probably have seen TikToks reshared across all social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or even Snapchat.

Many people know of TikTok as a source of entertainment but never thought of how it could benefit business owners. Using TikTok can introduce your products or services to all different age groups. Over 50% of their audience is under the age of 34, so with this App, you can reach younger audiences who may find interest in your products or services. Since TikTik is worldwide, you can also introduce your business to people from all over the world. This app can be very beneficial to growing a brand, so why not start today! 

Some challenges of using TikTok to promote your business are learning how to gain a following, keeping viewers interested, and while doing this also finding ways to make your business appealing to younger crowds. When making these videos, it is also important to keep in mind that you have to stay fluent, energetic, and positive. Many people on TikTok have short attention spans so making your videos short and easy to comprehend is crucial to increasing views. Here are some other ways to increase views:

Using audios that are already popular.

One of the many ways that TikTok has become so famous is that they offer audio (more commonly referred to as sounds) that you can lip-sync to, dance to, or play in the background of your videos. Using audios that are already popular will increase your views. When you click on a sound (shown in the first image below) it will bring you to the page that shows every video with that audio (shown in the second image below). These videos are ranked from most popular to least popular. When people go to these pages they tend to view more videos using the same audio. I recommend audios that are used by influencers called TikTok dancers like Charlie D’ Amelio or Addison Rae. One amazing audio to use is “Occupation” by Dirty Heads – the most popular lyrics are “I\’m on vacation- Every single day \”cause I love my occupation.” Showing enthusiasm for your products and services will make your channel more engaging and appealing.


Teaching people about your business.

People love to learn, and this is often why many videos go viral. Educating people about your business will help them realize that they need your services. Teaching people about what you do in an entertaining fashion could open your business doors to a significant increase in clientele.

Show behind-the-scenes of your business.

Many small businesses use TikTok to share how they make their products or give a tour of their work environment. If your occupation allows you to work from home, show your office and clips of you doing work – even simple things like typing an email or meeting with someone. If your occupation is outside of your home, then show around your workplace.

Show how your business can increase the quality of life for younger people.

As I have referenced earlier, the demographics of TikTok are mainly teens and young adults. Oftentimes, they are seeking ways to make their lives less stressful, and many use TikTok as an escape. Take advantage of this and show them that your services promote safety, financial stability, emotional support, or provide essentials in a better way than competing companies. By outlining key advantages in a simple but entertaining way, followers are more likely to want to buy from you. 

Stay professional

Although TikTok seems to be a more casual and laid back platform, staying professional with the quality of your videos will keep people watching and interacting with your video. Some things to keep in mind when you are preparing to film are your clothing, posture, tone, environment, and lighting.


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Be funny

While staying professional is important, if you come across as too serious,  people will be less likely to watch your video or interact with it. If you are older, many teenagers will find it funny and cute if you do a TikTok dance that a lot of younger people do or try to guess what our lingo means. At the same time, make sure to be cautious with your humor and choice of words.

All of this can be overwhelming for a business owner since marketing is only a small part of your job. This is why a Social Media Manager can be a lifesaver, especially if you don\’t personally know how to use TikTok for business! If you are interested in hiring a Social Media Manager for your business, make sure to see our sister website at and contact us!

*This article was written by Karen Etchells\’s 17-year-old daughter, Katelyn Norman.

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