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How to Work with a Social Media Management Company

It\’s essential for a small business to have a prominent presence on social media channels. Being active on social platforms will raise awareness of your product or service in an environment where your customers are already spending their time. With the right approach, active participation on social media will reinforce branding, create \”buzz\” for what you are offering, drive traffic to your website, build a credible reputation, and generate incoming leads.

If your brand is on social media but fails to share content that offers value or publish consistently, you\’re not likely to see worthwhile results. If you don\’t have the time or resources to create shareable content, hiring a Social Media Manager is the way to go.

What does a Social Media Manager do?

  1. We ask questions and conduct research. We check out your competition. We define your target market and identify a buyer persona. It\’s our responsibility to get to know your business – what problem you solve and understand the emotional triggers of your buyer.
  2. We come up with a Content Strategy and an Editorial Calendar.
  3. We set up and/or review each social platform profile page. We\’ll ensure that no opportunities are missed with the various content areas available to you.
  4. Beyond Social Platforms, we also work magic on your website and outside websites for basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Every mention of your business online should have accurate and up-to-date information for better ranking on Search Engines. We also review your website for proper tags, menu structure, and titling.
  5. We write social posts designed to inform, educate, inspire or evoke emotion from your target audience. We can write blogs, slideshows, edit video clips, and more. We also repurpose existing content you may already have on hand.
  6. Calls-to-Action. There\’s no point in sending traffic to a website that isn\’t set up to convert a prospect to a customer.
  7. Engagement. We comment, like and follow on your behalf. We nurture opportunities through real-life communication.
  8. Responsiveness. We respond swiftly to customer inquiries and online reviews. Should your business receive a questionable review, we work with you to craft an appropriate response.
  9. And finally, we measure results. Which platforms are generating more online activity? We watch what is working and what may need adjustment.

So how do you get started?

Reach out to us! Use our Contact form to tell us that you\’re interested in Social Media Management. Our monthly programs start at just $199.  Innovast Digital Marketing will send you a Social Media Intake Questionnaire to complete and return to us. This will give us a starting point for a more in-depth conversation which will lead to the formation of a workable content strategy for your brand.

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