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Nurture Business Relationships with Social Media

Are you someone who frequently shows up at area networking events in search of new business? You\’re likely there with a purpose – to make new connections and hand out your business cards. Your hope is for further communication at some point.[dt_gap height=\”15\” /]
Why not take it a step further to nurture those business relationships? After meeting someone new, immediately follow up with a LinkedIn connection request. Be sure to always include a personal note, ideally referencing something you have in common that you learned from your previous conversation. Above all, don\’t be self-promotional or salesy in any communication at this point. No one wants to be harassed by a pushy salesman.[dt_gap height=\”15\” /]
Once you\’ve made an effort to meet new prospects and consistently follow up with connection requests to maintain those relationships, be sure to be an active participant on the platform. Become a valued resource in your area of expertise. Publish regularly. Post and share content that is of interest and value to those you are hoping to engage with on a deeper level. Freely share how-to\’s, tips, and advice. Keep in mind that when others comment and like your posts, their followers can see it too, so it works to your advantage to create quality content worthy of discussion![dt_gap height=\”15\” /]
At the same time, interact with content others are sharing on LinkedIn. Like and comment on their posts. Offer insight or a new perspective on a topic. Actively participating will put you on the radar – not only of the individual who published that post but also of others following them.[dt_gap height=\”15\” /]
When there is a clear opportunity for your product or service to solve a problem, go ahead and send a private message. When you\’ve maintained a consistent presence on the platform, you\’ve gained recognition, and your brand becomes top-of-mind. That\’s when your recommendations are viewed as trustworthy, and the sales process becomes less of a challenge – but a natural solution.[dt_gap height=\”15\” /]
Eventually, momentum will build and you\’ll gain new followers, make new connections, and get noticed by more of their connections.[dt_gap height=\”15\” /]
Sometimes, clients I work with express frustration with how to generate more business using LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. They tell me that social media doesn\’t work for them. But, any tool is rendered useless if you don\’t understand how to use it. Patience, quality interactions, and consistency will pay off.[dt_gap height=\”15\” /]
Innovast Digital Marketing helps small business owners and entrepreneurs to get more followers by expanding your digital footprint. In establishing a consistent presence online, we write original content for your website, blog, and social media platforms. We can even optimize your LinkedIn profile page to get you found more readily on Google search page results. We also monitor mentions of your business on the web and respond to customer inquiries and reviews. Every business is different and has a unique audience. Contact us today to arrange a call, so we can talk about ways Innovast can work to help you to better nurture business relationships!

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