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The Power of Personal Connection

Most business owners realize that publishing worthwhile content through blogging, email marketing, and engaging on social media platforms is an effective strategy to keep your brand top-of-mind. You’re taking steps to reach and connect with customers where they’re already spending time – on their smartphones, tablets and laptops.

With so many businesses actively competing for consumer attention online, there arises the problem of distraction. How can your brand stand out and be noticed? Beyond that, how can you make connections that will convert to sales? For small businesses, entrepreneurs and independent professionals, the answer lies in personal interaction.


First, like a billboard on the highway, be ever-present. If you’re brand is not seen frequently enough, it won’t be remembered. Obviously, a person needs to know of you, your product or service, and your reputation before they’ll be willing to make a purchase.

Just being there is not enough

Secondly, figure out what kinds of content best resonate with your target audience. Delivering information that informs, entertains, or inspires will keep them coming back for more. Trying different approaches and monitoring response is essential.

Aside from that, your goal is to initiate and nurture the customer relationship. You’ve got to establish and reinforce a sense of trust.

Reveal yourself. Share photos of your workplace environment. Be transparent with the use of behind the scenes views, showing your people and processes.

Testimonials and reviews can also strongly improve your chances of turning an online visitor into a customer.


Calls-to-action should be included. This could be an invitation to ask a question, respond to an offer, or request more information. Tell the customer what they should do next. If they follow through, you’ve successfully brought your prospect further into the sales funnel. Here’s your opportunity to work magic!

Personal connection

Be reachable and responsive. People want to know that you are listening. Reply to comments on social platforms. Share knowledge where you have expertise, and thank those who offer input. Reply to email inquiries. Consider allowing text communication, and respond to phone calls!

Remember, a flashy banner ad might get attention, but it’s not as effective as a personal sales call. And a sales call can only be effective if you have a listening ear. Therefore it must be welcomed, initiated at the request of the customer.

Allow for human-to-human communication wherever possible. Depending on the size and nature of your organization, this might be costly to implement, but it’s by far the best way to establish long lasting customer relationships and convert sales.

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