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Technical vs. Creative Aspects of Content Marketing

There are two essential aspects of creating an effective content marketing strategy: technology and messaging. The technical side is all about understanding platforms, the process of information delivery and consumption, and interpreting the resulting data. Messaging is about clarifying what you want to say, knowing how to frame it, and understanding who you are reaching. Without expertise on both sides, you won’t have a strong strategy, but together, your brand can be unstoppable.

For businesses, participation on social platforms goes beyond simply posting updates. Knowing what platforms reach which audiences, how to build a following on those platforms, and crafting messages that will resonate with target audiences all come into play. It’s also about staying current with the ever-changing rules and practices on every platform. Between staying on top of changing algorithms and policies and keeping track of where consumer attention is focused today, it can be challenging just to keep up.


That’s just half the story. Once you have built an audience and are delivering targeted content, you\’ve got to be consistent, continuously crafting fresh material that is on-brand, on-message, and offering solutions your audience is seeking. Monitoring data on how your content performs is important, as it provides feedback, so your future content is more likely to be on point. Without on-point messaging, your campaign will fail to deliver the results you expected.

Innovast Digital Marketing offers the full package. Our experience in website development and social media management, along with ongoing education to remain closely informed of changes in the field, allow Innovast Digital Marketing to provide content marketing and manage social campaigns effectively. Our background in journalism and marketing allows Innovast to craft messaging that will hit the right note with your audience to draw them into your lead funnel, ultimately turning them into customers and clients.

If your business is looking for help with content marketing to generate more leads online, contact Innovast Digital Marketing today.

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