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Tips to Get Fans & Followers on Your New Facebook Business Page

Here are three simple strategies to help build a following on your Facebook Business Page.

#1.) Invite your personal Facebook friends to follow your business page. See the screenshot below. This option can be found on the right side column of your Facebook business profile page, below your call-to-action button.


After you\’ve done that, perhaps your friends can invite their friends to follow the page too!

2.) Share posts published on your Facebook business Page with your personal Facebook friends. The How-to instructions are explained in this walk-through video. The tricky part of doing this is being clear about which voice you are using — Are you acting as a Business Page Admin or an individual?

First, you want to create the post while logged in as an Admin to your business Facebook page. You do that on the upper right area of your screen when you are on a desktop computer or laptop. (Use the Facebook Pages App to update your business page more easily when you are out and about and using a mobile device.)

Once you have created and published a sharable post for your business page, try sharing that post to your personal circle of friends and followers. This can be done by clicking on the mini version of your profile picture that appears to the lower right side of the post. Doing this will trigger a dropdown menu where you can chose your persona. Watch the video above for further details!

3.) Use Social Plugins on your website and blog to encourage others to follow your Facebook business page. Use the link below for options and how-to instructions. (If you need assistance with this process, send [email protected] an email message!)

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