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What Does Your Website Developer Know About Marketing?

Everyone today agrees, having a current website is an absolute necessity for any business to be truly competitive.  It’s important to keep in mind, whether you are launching a new site or updating an existing one, that functionality is essential, but don’t overlook the simple truth —

Your company website is a marketing tool.

When it comes to determining the must-haves of a website, clean navigation and a responsive format for easy reading on any size screen will get you halfway there in building a winning presence online. To get the rest of the way, marketing know-how is essential. In fact, marketing efforts should be considered at the onset of the initial planning stages of the development process.

Every page on a website should have a defined purpose. What steps would you like the user to take from that point? Sign up for your newsletter? Download a document? Submit a form? Subtle differences in the choice of words, to color combinations, page length, and button placement can alter the user experience in a positive or negative direction. Having effective calls to action in place can make all the difference in generating more leads online.

Ultimately, if you want to get your website to rise above the competition, offer more value to your target audience and generate more response, involve an experienced digital marketer in the web design process. Having website marketing in the works from the very beginning of a website project is essential.  Such efforts will better position your business for long-term success.

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