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5 Superpowers of Video Testimonials

Brands are quickly realizing the super-power value of customer testimonials on video. Due to users’ short attention spans, video is the preferred form of media consumption on the web, as it is highly convincing compared to other types of content. Compared to video, reading text-based customer reviews online takes more effort and time to absorb and process.

Tapping into the power of online testimonials enables your customers to share first-hand experiences with your products or services. To someone who is considering engaging with your business, third party testimonials come across as genuine and believable. This format allows viewers to see the sincerity of a person giving their own personal perspective on how something has improved or influenced them in some way. This quickly grows the trust factor with new prospects.

1.The Power of Emotion

Video allows potential customers to the emotions of delight, relief, or happiness in someone who has used your product or service, which they too can experience when watching.

2. The Power of Captivating Visuals

When we want to remember information, the right visuals can add emphasis to key takeaways. Including graphics and text in your video will help make them even more persuasive.

3. The Power of Storytelling

Studies have shown that people trust reviews from strangers as much or more than they trust friends or family members. When filming a video testimonial for your business, have your customer speak to the camera without reading from a script. Let them share the story of their experience naturally. You don’t want your video testimonial to sound overly rehearsed. Sharing authentic experiences is meaningful and viewers will trust what they see when it’s kept real!

4. The Power of Human to Human

Video testimonials are a great way to humanize your brand and show the face of someone who has benefited from using your product or service. This helps potential clients believe that they too could benefit, making them more likely to choose you as their provider.

5. The Power of Social Proof

No matter how rational we think we are, social proof is always a powerful force. When you are thinking about filming a client testimonial, maximize the value for a particular demographic in your customer base by choosing an individual to be on camera who reflects your average customer or typical user. Seeing someone like themselves in the video promotes confidence for making a similar purchase decision!

A video testimonial is one of the most valuable forms of content you can create.  It provides opportunities not only to solicit new business but also reinforces your relationship with current clients who see themselves as part of your tribe of fans.

By demonstrating the successful use of your product and services over time, existing customers may also gain insight from the experiences of others. Discovering related products or services you also provide and learning what worked best for others can keep you top of mind and build continued loyalty.

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