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Karen Etchells Invited to Participate in GoDaddy\’s Pro Summit

Did you know that GoDaddy provides a directory of freelance and agency web designers and developers you can connect with to work on your website? They do, and Innovast Digital Marketing has been selected to participate in the program.




In the US, approximately 60% of website owners hire a professional to design and build the website. In Asia, that number is even higher, at 75%. While GoDaddy offers a Do-It-Yourself approach for those new to online marketing who may not have the resources to pay a professional, the general line of thought is that most small businesses without a professionally designed website will ultimately seek out the services of a web designer to be truly competitive.

For Website Professionals, Go Daddy\’s offerings are ideal. Enabling multiple client website accounts to appear under one dashboard means convenience in having easy access to settings and online tools for domains, email, and the WordPress platform (on which most websites are built) without having to login and out of multiple accounts.

When it comes to building a website, many of our clients are business owners who are immersed with workday obligations. They may not have a full understanding of which hosting packages and features are suitable to fulfill their needs. Rather than asking my client to take time out of their workday to purchase products, as a GoDaddy Web Pro, I can recommend and purchase products on my client’s behalf. This streamlines the flow and process of building and/or enhancing a new or existing website.

On October 25th, I was given the opportunity to tour Go Daddy’s Tempe, Arizona location and also invited to attend the GoDaddy Pro Summit on the following day at their Scottsdale, Arizona headquarters.




The Tour

We were warmly welcomed with food and drink and invited to network with GoDaddy leaders, employees, and other GoDaddy Pros. As a special treat, we were given a tour of the facility by go-cart! And now, I can cross off my bucket list shooting down a gigantic slide from the second floor of GoDaddy’s facility down to the first, landing on an oversized GoDaddy pillow in their cafeteria, all while being cheered on by onlookers! Some of us were also interviewed (including me!) by GoDaddy staff, collecting our feedback. It was a lively, offbeat, enlightening and informative experience.


The Pro Summit

The insight and tidbits of information I gathered were invaluable! Again, there was plenty of food and open networking with GoDaddy product development engineers and others in my profession. We learned about upcoming product updates, details on GoDaddy Pro programs and tools, Pro customer support and much more. It was a jam-packed day of interaction and insights into GoDaddy’s business and how their current and future offerings will impact our web design and development business going forward.




Customer Opinions Matter

GoDaddy\’s willingness to actively seek candid feedback from their Web Pro partners is impressive. Being responsive to our needs will make all the difference in our decision-making process when it comes to satisfying our small business clients as well.

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