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Fishing for Business: Social Media Strategy Explained

Engaging in blogging and social media to grow your business is a lot like fishing. At Innovast Digital Marketing, we know the right kind of bait and the best equipment to use. We test the waters to find a good spot. If one approach doesn\’t work well, we make adjustments, maybe shift directions. We provide guidance […]

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5 Ways to Work LinkedIn to Boost Sales

In my work with business owners and organizations, I often find that many professionals overlook the value of maintaining a strong presence on LinkedIn. The assumption is that if they’re not looking for a job, there’s really no reason to be there. If that’s how you’re thinking, you’re definitely missing the boat! Your business branding

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Where is your website traffic going?

Blogging. Article writing. Social media. Pay-per-click advertising. If you are investing in the above efforts, consider what you are looking to get out of it. What action do you want users to make? If you are looking to sell a product or service, are you clearly asking for the sale? Is your website set up

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Don’t Blow Off Opportunity!

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know! If your goal is to generate more business online and you’re wondering what can be done to make it happen, you likely realize that now is the time to take immediate action. If you have a website and perhaps you’re doing some email marketing and occasionally posting on

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Skillful Communication = More Sales

Communication. The more skillful we are with it, the better we’re able to share concepts and ideas that strengthen our connections and better enable us to pass along information. For those in business, growth is dependent on sales. Sales depend on being able to effectively convey the reasons why a product or service being offered will

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How to Build Rapport for More Sales

As a Digital Marketing Consultant, building rapport with my clients begins with conversation designed to nurture a relationship that is based on mutual understanding. That means taking the time to relate to problems my clients solve for their customers and knowing the challenges they face. It’s also critical that I understand their goals, as it’s

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