GoDaddy go-carts on tour

Karen Etchells Invited to Participate in GoDaddy’s Pro Summit

Did you know that GoDaddy provides a directory of freelance and agency web designers and developers you can connect with to work on your website? They do, and Innovast Digital Marketing has been selected to participate in the program.     In the US, approximately 60% of website owners hire a professional to design and…

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social media management CT RI MA

Do You Have a Social Media Strategy?

Social media offers powerful platforms for small businesses to have a voice. Using best practices, social media provides a venue for establishing trust and nurturing one-to-one relationships. The playing field is leveled. Small business can truly have an advantage by being more personal and transparent in a way big business cannot. Big businesses often struggle…

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personal connections in online marketing

The Power of Personal Connection

Most business owners realize that publishing worthwhile content through blogging, email marketing, and engaging on social media platforms is an effective strategy to keep your brand top-of-mind. You’re taking steps to reach and connect with customers where they’re already spending time – on their smartphones, tablets and laptops. With so many businesses actively competing for…

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call-to-action on website

Are Calls-to-Action Working on Your Website?

What is a call-to-action? If you’re unsure, how much business are you losing with poorly written content and/or weak calls-to-action? A call-to-action is an element in your business marketing that inspires a prospective customer to DO SOMETHING. Why post on social media platforms, send email blasts, create videos or produce podcasts if your online marketing efforts lack…

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video blogging marketing how-to

Video Blogging — A Marketing Strategy

Consumption of online video is at an all-time high. With everyone carrying a smartphone in their pocket, there’s an ever-increasing volume of users connected to the Internet at any given moment – even on the go! With that in mind, realize that the most effective strategy for your website pages to obtain top placement in…

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Content Marketing Gone Wrong

5 Essential Truths about Content Marketing

Want to know a secret? The majority of businesses engaging in content marketing are doing it wrong. Content created and posted online for your business includes material beyond the written word, encompassing media of all kinds — video, photo galleries, slideshows, surveys, etc. Collectively, this assortment of original content is your company’s intellectual property and…

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